Tow Truck Services Give Back

desert-towingNobody likes calling the tow truck company. The only time we have to call a towing service is when there’s something wrong. Clearly that’s why nobody wants to call them because it’s never good news meeting them. But if you stop and think about the services that they provide it becomes clear that they are in the business of helping people at times that are very difficult.  Towing is not at the top of our list when it comes to our daily activities. But when you think about it these drivers and owners face extremely difficult situations on a daily basis.

Tow Truck Drivers See Many Things

Imagine the many different things that a typical towing company has to deal with on a day-to-day basis. Sometimes it’s as simple as bringing fuel to a stranded motorist and you can imagine how helpful that can be if you were in their shoes. Other times it might be simply doing a flat tire change or some type of roadside assistance. A tow truck company in Chandler Arizona remarks that servicing people in need during the hot summers in the Arizona desert can be a real challenge. As most people know the temperatures can hit 120 degrees in Chandler AZ and  Tempe, Mesa and Gilbert are no different as well as the greater Phoenix area. So imagine having to perform some type of an outdoor towing service during those times of the year, it has to be difficult.

Not only do tow truck companies have to deal with the weather but sometimes they are called upon to clean up tragic automobile accidents. So they may have to see something that most of us would rather never see. These types of situations are clearly not an easy thing to deal with. Human loss and death and tragedy are things that nobody wants to see but are a daily occurrence and must be taken care of. Our friends who own the Chandler tow truck company mentions that often times passers-by don’t slow their vehicles down and this puts the tow truck drivers In Harm’s Way and danger. We hope that if you read this article the next time you see a tow truck helping somebody please be careful of the drivers and slow down. We know that most people want to do the rubber neck and look and see what happened but that’s dangerous to all those around.

Our local Chandler towing service has often times given back to the community. This is not uncommon with tow truck operators. Because they are in a position to offer Aid many choose to go a little extra when it will really benefit people. This often times goes unnoticed by the General Public. It is understandable since most towing companies aren’t going to advertise it but it may help somebody else even though it is out of their own pocket. But they do this on a regular basis because they are always in the position of helping somebody in need of help or roadside assistance. They often do extra work not required and not paid for. Often times they get stood up or stiffed and not paid for the service. Anybody who has any idea of what it takes to run a business understands how difficult this can be on a day-to-day basis. Not only do they have to deal with customers who are under stress because of a broken or damaged vehicle many customers are actually verbally abusive. That can be really hard to deal with on a day-to-day basis by anybody whether you’re in a towing service or any other type of company.

Arizona is Hot

Imagine having to help somebody when its 120 degrees with no wind. That’s not uncommon in Arizona and the desert temperatures can be brutal and actually could be deadly. The metal on the truck gets extremely hot and we know that the blacktop just absorbs heat turning the job into a difficult situation. So have appreciation for these hard-working individuals who are trying to feed their families by providing a necessary service to our communities. When you think about it even if they are getting paid for the job they are really giving back by keeping our traffic Avenues open and removing hazards and cleaning up when accidents do occur. If you find yourself in need of having your car towed remember that when you call your local towing service.

Volunteers and Carpet Cleaning Company Give Back

Carpet ClceaningA City Comes Together Along with a Locally Owned Carpet Cleaning Company to Give a Deserving Family Their First Home

Providing some means for a needy family allows individuals to give back in more ways than one. Giving should come from the heart and should be done in such a way that you are not looking for something in return. A local needy family in the area was given the opportunity to live in their first home. It was a modest house that was in need of work.

A lot of volunteers and the kindness of the local carpet cleaning services who took time out of their life and away from their families, to work on this home to be ready for this fortunate family. Not only did these volunteers come with building skills but they also came with the willingness to learn. There was a lot that needed to go into this home to make it livable.

From the roof to the foundation comma from the ceiling to the floors remodel work was in full swing for a number of weeks. This wasn’t a remodel that required tearing out walls and floors but it was a remodel that needed updating to make this home feel like home. One area that needed serious attention was the flooring.

The carpet was ordered from a discounted warehouse some miles away. When the carpet arrives to be installed, there were very noticeable stains and soil marks on the carpet. So when this was found, the volunteers were afraid of what to do. What you expect from a business is not always what you get and with limited funds because we were volunteers, we chose the best resources possible.

As we brainstormed as to how to handle this particular situation, one of the volunteers suggested calling one of the best carpet cleaning companies in our town. They highly recommended this company based on the service they personally received when meeting their cleaning services. Hearing this made the volunteers excited and hopeful. The idea of having a carpet cleaning service come to this location and possibly make this carpet look as if brand new would be life saving. The local lompany was not far away and with the short phone call they came in a matter of a few days. When they completed the job comma the carpet look better than brand new.

The freshly clean carpets made all the difference and this modest home. There were no smell, no stains and no soil marks to be seeing. The employees were even generous as to offer a discounted service for a fortunate family to use at a later time.   They even decided to give us a discount on this current service. As we finished the details of the home, there was more joy and laughter as we reached the completion before the reveal.

The day came when work finished and many gathered to support and congratulate this family in obtaining their first home. The family anxiously waited to receive their keys to their new place, with eyes beaming and smiles glimmering. As the keys were handed over to them they ran up the steps to the front door and open in amazement to what was inside. Everything from new paint to new and updated flooring this family was very shocked and appreciative.

Neighbors and locals came together to show kindness and love, which are becoming more rare this day in age. There is a quote that states, “there is more happiness and giving then there is and receiving.” If more and more individuals took this particular advice there would more likely be less greed, less jealousy and less hate. Practicing giving without the expectation of receiving is the best quality we can build and is the best kindness we can give.


Giving on a large scale is shown here. There is much to learn from this and we hope you find that to be true also.

Raising Money for Under Privileged – Fund Raising Events

Fundraising MoneyThere are much sufferance and poverty in this world. So much so that if one part of the world sleeps under a roof, in the comfort of their homes, the other part perhaps lays under the sky and looks up at the stars in vain. The number of underprivileged people is growing at an alarming speed, but then so is the number of wealthy people. The discussion isn’t about this unfairness, but the methods through which one can help these unfortunate folks, especially through fund-raising. Our friends at SCV Mobile Detail who follow the laws for car washing and polishing registration at the State of California Department of Industrial relations donate a percentage of revenue to help the less fortunate.

For whatever purpose your fund-raising is, it involves a great deal of socializing and voicing out your goals, so that others hear you and help you in raising funds by donating a small portion of their hard earned money. The most important thing is to make these people aware of the sufferings of others and create such sentiments, which compel them automatically to be a part of your scheme. Some suggestions have been pointed out to successfully raise money for the underprivileged individuals.

Not Ever Slip a Chance

This is the time to be open with your acquaintances and share your objectives with them. Don’t feel shy at all and educate them about the cause you have in mind. Tell them you want to eradicate breast cancer and for this, you want their cooperation. However, don’t make such demands that the other person starts to back away.

Commercial Corresponding

Take help of commercial corresponding donations packages. Several of your benefactors might work for firms that have a platform like this; their contribution could amplify merely by filling out a document from their Human Resources Branch and following the procedure to present a corresponding contribution.

Extra Change

Another very easy way of raising funds is by contacting your favorite restaurant or pub owner for permitting you to put a money bank or jar in a place where it catches everybody’s gaze. You can also decorate this area by putting up quotations, your cause-related pictures, etc.

Benefaction for Days

Ask the donators to forgo a tiny sum on a daily or monthly basis, instead of donating money in one take. If they plan to pay $25, encourage them for donating $20 monthly, over a course of three months. This way you’ll be able to raise more money and the donor won’t be under pressure too, although keep reminding them timely.

Homage Bequests

Making donations in ‘Remembrance’ or ‘Tribute’ of someone who suffered from the cause you want the donation for is also a great way to attract more donators. Suggest them for a donation amount to sign a shirt that you can wear to the day of the event or you can print their names on a pink ribbon and attach it to your shirt on the breast cancer walk or for that matter any other such event for which you are collecting money.

Probe your Hair Artist

Getting a part of donation in the form of a haircut rather than a check is appropriate too. In fact, you can gain more funds if you arrange for a hair cutting session of 2-3 hours in your home. Just get your hair stylist ready for taking out time to donate his/her time for this cause.

Tie Forget-me-Knots

A unique way of making your donors keep their promise is by tying a pink ribbon on their finger, or you can even pin it up on their shirt. This way they’ll remember to pay their donation on time, as the condition would be not to take off the knot till they’ve donated.

Promote while you March

Request resident corporations to fund your struggles, and in response you can offer them badge or name illustration on a T-shirt, you dress on the occasion.

Business Patron Shirt

Find one business patron that you can probe for a fat donation. Propose to attire their shirt for publicizing, while preparation, and on the affair.

Waiters or Bartenders

Ask the attendant/server or bartender at your favored retreat to contribute a day’s bonuses. If you have pals who wait on or bartends, inquire of them, as well.

Apart from the above-given suggestions, you guys can also exercise the following techniques:

  1. Inform your local newspaper to gain publicity.
  2. Another genius way is to tell your friends and family on your wedding anniversary, birthday, retirement, house- warming party, or any other occasion that you want donations in place of gifts. They’ll be happy to oblige to your wishes.
  3. Take help from everybody, especially your friends, neighbors, family members, colleagues, your mechanic, plumber, electrician, dentist, visit here for more, teachers, etc., and give them at least 10 donation slips to get 10 donations for you.
  4. Don’t forget that national and international holidays are great days for getting people together and asking them for donations, for example, you can do so on Labor Day, 4th of July, etc.
  5. Last but not the least is to find any petty job that can bring you money, like babysitting, pet-sitting, and so on.

How to Help After a Disaster

In this world of natural calamities and affected people, there is no limitation of volunteers and volunteering organizations willing to aid the affected. Thanks to those people who are ambitious enough to jump into such places, where people are in dire need of food, shelter, and other basic necessities of life. These helpers are trained persons who know how to deal with calamity-stricken folks and situations. However, it has also been seen that there are such amateurs too, who get so desperate in the quest to help others, that they don’t even consider their lack of training and survival equipment. What happens when these untrained guys hurdle into a disaster? Let’s see;

Problems Caused by Untrained Volunteers

  • Usually in post-disaster areas, there’s no food, shelter, electricity, water, etc., and volunteers who have no basic training cause many problems.
  • Even having some equipment doesn’t signify one is capable of handling any situation. There have been many incidences of inexpert people getting killed due to falling trees, naked electric wires, chainsaws, and hurricanes, etc. during the cleanup struggles. The situation then becomes tenser when these untrained and inexperienced people have to be dealt with too, aside the disaster victims.
  • Often in disaster struck places, the affected are under much strain and desperate to get facilitated. There are people who are angry and irritated. In-experts or amateurs cannot help them properly enough, because of their lack of training and they might become a target of these victims.
  • The absence of basic necessities in disaster areas is of course quite obvious. People have no proper sleeping place, toilets, food, clothing, and other utilities. Working in such conditions requires a lot of patience and tough labor, even one has to work for 16 hours at a stretch, without the basic privileges. Untrained people do not have that ability to cope with this agonizing situation and ultimately become a burden to others.
  • Volunteers frequently have to go abroad too, to help in the disaster-afflicted areas and then proper visas and documents are required. However, in the case of the untrained volunteers, one cannot just land into another country without a proof of his/her expertise. Doctors are highly in demand in calamities, but the government at that time, can’t afford to verify who is trained and who isn’t.
  • Inexperienced volunteers similarly do not know the basic steps of rescuing and helping people. They are not aware of where to get the resources from and where to send them swiftly, how to approach the neediest first and how to make sure the whole area is being supervised equally.
  • Another very gruesome matter is of those who are fortune hunters. Yes, there are people around, who join in the name of helping others but steel and take advantage of people in distress. This can happen to those too, who are incapable of helping properly and instead create hindrances. Then they get accused of being thieves and much more.
  • The cultural differences can also upsurge several hitches. In many places, due to cultural, social and political differences, volunteers have been killed too, so one must have prior knowledge of the country, one is heading to.


How to Become a Trained Volunteer

There are numerous organizations in every country which are always on the lookout for volunteers. They provide special training to them by teaching them the basic skills of survival, making shelters, providing first aid, evacuation, food preparation and serving, and much more. If you are the one who is Continue reading “How to Help After a Disaster”

Why Giving is The Best Way of Life

Car WashDo you know that we all have certain desires to spend our lives accordingly, for example, we wish to go to good schools, we wish to acquire all the wealth of the world, we wish to have good health, we wish to have great relationships and we wish for all those worldly items that we feel are necessary to live a luxurious life. When our minds are flooded with so much worldliness, we often forget the significance of giving others and wishing less in return.

Giving Adds More to Your Life

We think that by giving others, we’ll lose the things we have. No way, by giving, you add more to your life. If you lead a good life, it shouldn’t hurt to give some of your happiness to the less fortunate who also depend on people to help them for good. You mustn’t hitch back from giving because you won’t lose anything but you’ll gain more in the later years.

You Set an Example

There are people in this world who themselves do not have anything to give but they give kindness to make the hearts melt. You can be like that, if you are an unfortunate too, don’t worry, make other people’s lives gleeful with your kindness towards them. Your kindness alone will be enough for some people and with this; you’ll be setting an example for other people to follow. Such acts make the world a better place.

You can use your car to take someone somewhere they need to go but are not able to do it themselves.

How about helping someone in need to detail their car, in other words, clean it so it shines like new bling with pop and sparkle. They will really be happy with you as a mobile detail helper for sure.

You Take Better Control of Your Life

Even if you’re broke yourself, but you still give in something to a very serious cause, it means that you know how to control your life. Giving helps you in your financial standing which also aids you in your spending habits. Seeing people less fortunate than you; motivates you to Continue reading “Why Giving is The Best Way of Life”

Building Shelters for People in Need

ShelterLiving things require shelter, be them birds, bees, rabbits or humans. Earth is a shelter for all human beings and animals. People build shelters to protect themselves from the severe weather conditions, wild animals, other people and some enemies. We require protection from rain, sun, wind, heat, cold and the snow. You can see shelters of human beings on hills, mountain tops, deserts, sea sides and underground. People rest, eat and store supplies in a shelter.

  • Shelters are made with anything people have easy access to, like leaves, twigs, mud, rocks and surprisingly ice.
  • Shelters are built with thick walls in the hotter climates and also, there is some small place for the movement of air in the house.
  • Whereas, thick walls are used in cold weathers too for protection against snow and rain.
  • The general idea between shelters is to be near food, water, safety and work.

Research the Area and the Supplies

Ponder about the dissimilar biomes and look for places where people around the world prefer to live. Make biomes, rather build a visual chart in which it is clearly shown a global natural community and a major regional community, for example, a desert and grassland. You must keep a check on the kinds of housing in every one of the 7 climate areas. Everything must be kept in mind like weather, area, land, materials, amount of precipitation and the plant life before you decide on a location. Also, make a sketch of a typical house or shelter there.

Think like A Homeless

Put yourself in the place of the homeless and see what would you do if you are a homeless person? Think about your own requirements as a homeless person, what weather conditions do you like, what do you wish the house to be like? Do you want the house to be ventilated or insulated or you would go for both. What will be the materials you can easily get and do give a thought to natural materials like, grass, leaves, mud, rocks and branches?

Reflect upon recycling and recycling materials such as Continue reading “Building Shelters for People in Need”

Helping Others by Volunteering

VolunteeringVolunteering is a like a “win-win” situation because others feel happy as they are receiving help and you feel happy because you’re helping. Volunteering is a great way to know about your inner qualities and it makes you realize about your future career, plus it harbors positive effects as well. Giving something back in return to your community is worthwhile, but helping others is even better. Volunteering makes you know who you actually are and what your intentions are like. Today, I will tell you why it is advantageous to volunteer.

You Gain Experience and Skills

Whether you make art drawings to collect money for charity or whether you develop houses for the poor, shelter less people, you will always get to learn something and experience the hard ways of life. A friend of mine volunteered to be a nurse in an Italian hospital for some time, this way she got to learn the Italian language, she learned how nurses worked and also got to ask some important questions from the doctors. Volunteering lets you decide on your future career.

You Get to Meet New People

The fellows you are working with and the people you are helping are all new for you and surprisingly, you get to see how they live like, what their lives are like, which builds the interaction and experience level. Volunteering makes it easy for you to chat with people who are strangers to you and the information you acquire broadens your horizons.

You Get Credited For your Work

Some schools even give credit to their students who indulge in social work. Also, the more volunteering you do, the more you will be recognized for your efforts. To see whether your school offers such opportunities, have a talk with your school counselor.

Your Volunteer Work Gets Listed

In colleges, volunteer work is considered very important and when you’ll put up your volunteer works on your college form, your college administrators will get to know that how much significance and value you can bring to their college. Your volunteer work demonstrates of what kind of a person you are and what are your likes and dislikes.

Small Things in Life Matter So Much

Yes, these small deeds you do are enough to bring happiness to a stranger and by these, many people will never forget about you. Once, my friend got appreciated for the little song she sang to an old man and he was so thankful to her that you can’t imagine. Such works do not only bring Continue reading “Helping Others by Volunteering”